About us

The company was founded by João Vieira de Campos in 1963. It has the first headquarters in Rua das Musas in Oporto. During the first few days of activity, it produces exclusively pewter decoration pieces. At the beginning of the 70's, the company begins to work with aluminum alloy and launches the FIRE Line, brand that comes to register in 1973.

João Vieira de Campos, Lda. begins by dedicating itself almost exclusively to export. Large markets such as the United States represents a significant part of our company's activity. The Metropolitan Museum in New York chose us to reproduce some pieces of its collection that are marketed in the museum's stores and integrated into communication and public relations actions to promote exhibitions and other events. 

Large warehouses like Bloomingdale's and Sacks also integrate the list of American customers. By keeping a permanent contact with our agent in the United States, they ensure access to the collections of pewter parts that we release annually.

In Europe, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Finland, France, Holland, England, Luxembourg and Norway represent the main destinations of the company's exports. Our products have been introduced in these countries by our frequent presence at the fairs in Paris, Frankfurt and Madrid.

Today, DeCampos items are present in various stores in the country and we have seen some of our items being chosen by many luxury hotels, not only from Portugal, but also from Spain and the United Kingdom.